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As well as joining us at Het Nieuwe Instituut, you can find ways to meet up with our Members. We'll be posting selected external events recommended by Members themselves. These tips can include both events in which Members are taking part, and those that they simply want to share with you.

TED Talk

Currently online
The beautiful future of solar power

See our member Marjan van Aubel's most recent TED talk online. The sun delivers more energy to earth in one hour than all of humanity uses in an entire year. How can we make this power more accessible to everyone, everywhere? Solar designer Marjan van Aubel shows how she's turning everyday objects like tabletops and stained glass windows into elegant solar cells -- and shares her vision to make every surface a power station.


Migrant Journal

Member Andrea Bagnato features in an article of Migrant Journal no. 5. Migrant Journal can be purchased online at Migrant Journal or at Atheneaum Boekhandel.

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Past events


30.03.2019 - 07.04.2019
STRP the Festival

STRP says: to hell with future phobia, here's to the future! STRP explores scenarios for a positive future. We will guide you through a time in which technology seems to offer the solution for everything, and doom-scenarios are leading.


During STRP Festival 2019 you will meet artists and activists, thinkers and doers, who focus primarily on imagination, and as such are able to give shape to inspiring alternatives. For 10 days you will be immersed in visual art, exciting technological perspectives, performances, lectures and open discussions.


The STRP festival was recommended by Inge de Leeuw

Pop-in Expo

20.03.2019 - 07.04.2019
Method & Critique – Frictions and Shifts in Research through Design

RTD 2019 takes over Het Nieuwe Instituut’s Pop-in space to challenge the normative relationships between humans and objects. Through an exploration of artifacts central to exhibition design, RTD offers a window into critical discourses that reflect new modes of design research and practice.

New presentations of mainly young design talent can be seen in the foyer of Het Nieuwe Instituut every few weeks. It is a way of highlighting a striking design or innovative research, whether or not it is connected with the current exhibition and debate programme of Het Nieuwe Instituut.

This recommendation was made by Nikki Vieler to Bente Spigt as he liked the theoretical references.


21.03.2019 - 20.30
Brexit Festival

Hard or soft brexit, 'deal or no deal', a new People's vote, Theresa May jumping over the edge of a cliff, Brits vacating as Brexit-refugee's, an inexoarble Brussels and the Backstop. Brexit is always in the news. It's impossible to distinguish fact from fiction. How are you coping? Arminius will host the Brexit Festival 'Nothing compares to EU' on the 21st of March. We shall be taking our guests of the evening very seriously, while we shall analyse Brexit with a wink and a nod.

Members and Brexit refugees Harry Ross en Helen Scarlett- O’Neill will be participating in the conversation.


24.04.2019 - 19.30
Ivan Dorn

Ivan Dorn is a singer, DJ and producer, MTV European Music Awards winner, with an overabundance of quirky uniqueness. His boundary pushing fashion style, fancy footwork and outgoing contagious personality has lit the European music industry like a wildfire. His unique blend of 90s house, pop, nu-disco, funk and free jazz, came as a breath of fresh air to the suffocated Eastern Europe pop scene. Within months Ivan Dorn and his band filled sports arenas around CIS countries and he quickly earned a spot as a judge on The Voice Ukraine. But also he played Eurosonic Festival in Groningen in January and now he comes to the Melkweg!


This recommendation was made by Oksana Savchuk


17.04.2019 - 20.00

The distinctive sound of ONUKA is an organic mix of electronics, modern pop and Ukrainian folk traditions. ONUKA was formed by two nationally renowned Ukrainian musicians: Eugen Filatov and Nata Zhyzhchenko.ONUKA have – for the very first time – translated the richness of Ukraine’s Heritage into contemporary forms, all for a much wider audience.


ONUKA will be playing at Paard, the Hague.


This recommendation was made by Oksana Savchuk